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April 7, 2023

Madison Square Garden Faces Uncertain Future as Possible Relocation Looms

The Garden's permit, which allows it to hold public events, is set to expire in July.

R Scott Okamoto

April 6, 2023

Deconstructing R Scott Okamoto’s Story

R. Scott Okamoto refers to his journey as a process of deconstructing his beliefs. Deconstruction is a literary term that includes exploring and exposing contradictory messaging in prose or poetry. In recent years, former evangelicals, like Okamoto, have been using the term to describe the process of analyzing, and often leaving their faith. But Okamoto’s deconstruction of his Christianity wasn’t primarily about theological fallacies; it was intrinsically intertwined with his Asian identity.

March 4, 2023

TikTok Feeds Teen Collaboration and ‘Whole Health’ Initiative

Teens "see the nexus between mental health, social determinants, adverse childhood experiences, and pressures created by social media and world events that lead to self-medication or misuse of substances."

February 27, 2023

‘You Don’t Have to Be Just One Thing’: A Conversation with Ballerina Coco Lavine

"[T]hrough social media, we're real people who you can get to know, and also, through us, you can get to know and love the art form as well."

February 27, 2023

Sacramento’s Yogi Homie Inspires Through Flow and Music

"I wanted to bring the studio experience to our community and have that luxurious, uplifted vibe with that familiar homegirl feeling."