Is Thrifting Just a Hobby for Rich Hipsters?


January 3, 2024


Special Report: Uncovered: A Journey Across America


Winter is here, and everyone is looking for new clothes that are both cute and warm. Do you buy something brand new or check out a thrift store?

With the popularity of Thrift Haul, 90’s and Y2K fashion trends on Tik Tok, the secondhand buying market is expected to grow to a market value of $64 billion by 2024, according to the ThredUp Resale Report

Thrifting is here to stay, but some are worried that its popularity is causing prices to rise, the quality of clothes to decrease, and worst of all, if we’re causing over consumption even in a practice that is supposed to be combating it. Has thrifting become just a hobby for rich hipsters? 

With its deep history and undeniable charm, Philadelphia’s thrift stores are well aware of these concerns and are taking concrete steps to keep second hand shopping fun for everyone.


@nyu_ajo Genevieve Hartnett on the growing , and more sustainable , secondhand clothing industry — produced for The Click. Learn more about @New York University’s fully online journalism masters program at the link in bio. #thrifting #thrift #journalism #reporting #philadelphia #philly #secondhandclothing ♬ original sound – American Journalism Online

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