Model and influencer, Madeline Ford sitting.

December 22, 2021

Madeline Ford Says “Be the Exception”

Viral sensation Madeline Ford, a model and influencer, has over 600k followers on Instagram and over 700k on TikTok, uses her authentic spirit and incredible wit to discuss controversial topics. This 24-year-old red-head beauty based in Chicago, is using her “pretty privilege” to talk about women’s rights issues and is even using her platform to shine a spotlight on Black creators to promote diversity within the fashion industry. 

October 11, 2021

Can Instagram Influencers Add “Journalist” to Their Resumes? A Closer Look Into This Question Through Lauren Ellison Fox

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Born and raised in Charleston, S.C., Lauren Ellison Fox is a local mom who prides herself on […]

Instagram posts created by impact

October 11, 2021

Opinion: Can a Popular Instagram Account Be Considered Journalism?

A popular Instagram account called ‘impact’ claims to provide what it calls, “Digestible and socially impactful content,” for its 1.8 […]

October 11, 2021

Understanding Gray Area Journalism Through Carlotta Vagnoli

To understand why Carlotta Vagnoli fits in the gray area of journalism, her Instagram account, the platform she uses to […]

May 10, 2021

Seniors Become Social Media ‘Granfluencers’ During India’s Lockdown

( MUMBAI, India) — Posing with wads of fake cash, sporting colorful outfits and dancing to her own beat, Kamlesh […]