June 5, 2022

Life After Exoneration: How One Man Rebuilt His Life After a Wrongful Conviction

When a portable heater went out in Veterans' Stadium in Philadelphia during an NFL game, Ed Baker — one of two electricians working at “The Vet” at the time—had to fix it. After what he'd been through, landing a job among NFL players was like winning his own Super Bowl.

Tricia Fleishman and her son, Joshua, stand among colorful fabrics at their fabric store, Fleishman Fabrics, located on historic Fabric Row.

December 11, 2020

Resilience is Woven into Philly’s Fabric Row

A historic section of Philadelphia known as a central point for business and commerce for over a century, South Fourth Street’s Fabric Row contains only seven fabric stores today. According to one source, there were around 25 fabric stores on Fourth Street in 1950. As the row has changed, so too have the fabric store owners and new small business owners looking to earn a living.

Koa Mikaelah Fernandez - The Click

December 7, 2020

Many Names, One Story: The Life Of A Third-Generation Medicine Woman

Koa Mikaelah Fernandez discusses her journey as a healer and explains how she embraces the traditions of generations before her.

Philadelphia Eagles Tailgate in COVID-19

December 2, 2020

Sports, Love, and Beer Pong in the Time of Coronavirus

The pandemic stopped just about everything, except for Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Image shows a COVID-19 mask with the words "vote" on it.

November 8, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Declines to Intervene in Pennsylvania Election Funds Case

United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. refused to issue an injunction on Tuesday, November 3, for a federal lawsuit alleging illegal disbursement of grant funds designed to help increase Democratic voter turnout.