Saratoga (Without the) Race Track

Saratoga Springs, New York and the Saratoga Race Course are inextricably linked, and have established the identity of the city. Track season, which begins in July and ends in August, is a way of life in Saratoga. It attracts more than a million visitors annually, and is enough to sustain excitement and the local economy year-round. It doesn’t seem feasible that one could survive without the other, yet during a time of increased call to activism, there does seem to be a shelf life on horse racing.

The “Jewel of Harlem”; is Changing. Will it Shine On?

When Esplanade Gardens was built 52 years ago, African Americans felt like they finally got a piece of the pie – ownership in where they lived and a community of neighbors that felt more like family. Today, those same residents struggle with the changes that have taken place around them – new management, a different generation, and gentrification. Will “The Jewel of Harlem” ever be the same?

In the Big Easy, Coexistence on Frenchmen Street Changes Key

Some are drawn to New Orleans for its local cuisine, simply to try hearty dishes like seafood gumbo or po’ boy sandwiches. Some visit to take a steamboat ride along the Mississippi River to enjoy the city’s architectural history, nature and beauty in a single cruise. New Orleans is also world-famous for its street performance culture, and one of the hotspots of this music capital is Frenchmen Street. However, a 911 call over the summer shed light on the turbulence between a band and a small business owner, shaking the peaceful coexistence of the street.