Saratoga (Without the) Race Track

Saratoga Springs, New York and the Saratoga Race Course are inextricably linked, and have established the identity of the city. Track season, which begins in July and ends in August, is a way of life in Saratoga. It attracts more than a million visitors annually, and is enough to sustain excitement and the local economy year-round. It doesn’t seem feasible that one could survive without the other, yet during a time of increased call to activism, there does seem to be a shelf life on horse racing.

A New Jersey Town Smells a Fight for its Future

Harrison residents have been unable to open their windows as Hydrogen Sulfide so strong that Red Bull Arena, released a statement, has filled the neighborhood. >> Harrison residents have kept their windows shut to keep out the acidic scent of Hydrogen Sulfide from seeping into their homes. The smell is so strong that the Red Bull Arena has released a statement to warn stadium-goers.

The 1960s Complex Once Known as “The Jewel of Harlem" is Changing. Will it Shine On?

When Esplanade Gardens was built 52 years ago, African Americans felt like they finally got a piece of the pie – ownership in where they lived and a community of neighbors that felt more like family. Today, those same residents struggle with the changes that have taken place around them – new management, a different generation, and gentrification. Will “The Jewel of Harlem” ever be the same?

An Investigative Reporter Goes Undercover to Expose the Dark Side of Money and Power

When the BBC host suggested that the hostesses might have been able to “expect what they were getting,” Marriage clarified that she was warned the men might be “annoying,” but the reality was that a number of other hostesses were groped — from hands on hips, to hands up skirts. A woman was asked if she was a prostitute, another ordered to take off her underwear and dance on a table. A third told Marriage that one of the men exposed himself to her. Some were propositioned.