Timeline of WSN Events

January 18, 2021

Everything We Know About NYU’s Campus Newspaper Walkout So Far

The future of New York University’s student-run newspaper remains in doubt months after 43 out of 47 staff members resigned […]

photo of the WSN offices

December 18, 2020

NYU’s Shuttered Student Paper Faced Criticism Over Its Treatment of Minorities and Error-Filled Articles

“We like to think that there’s some spaces where there aren’t issues of discrimination—there aren’t issues where students of color feel slighted—and I think that at WSN, a lot of people felt like it could be that sort of space. But then, you know, as Mina’s written, it wasn’t.”

December 7, 2020

Former Students Paint Complex Portrait of the Media Adviser Who Sparked NYU’s Newspaper Walkout

“She tells you like it is...and she encouraged us to set aside any personal prejudices we had in pursuit of the truth. And sometimes, you know, that truth is uncomfortable.”

December 3, 2020

What a Slew of News Corrections Reveal About the Messy NYU Newspaper Walkout

A mass student walkout that shuttered New York University’s student-run newspaper made national headlines in September. But amid the noise and accusations that led to the unprecedented protest, the most revealing glimpses at this saga’s complexities came from the corrections those stories were eventually forced to publish.

photo of the WSN offices

November 1, 2020

Why the Absence of Washington Square News Matters

The shutdown of NYU’s campus newspaper leaves a vacuum during a time when student reporting is most needed.