The Fake Sheikh

For 25 years, an undercover British journalist sensationalized the front pages of tabloid magazines with reports that exposed the dirty secrets and habits of royals, celebrities, and athletes. Known as the “Fake Sheikh” or the “King of the Sting,” his face and true name remained a mystery to the millions of readers who enjoyed (or feared) his stories. In 2014, a very public trial exposed not only the identity of the journalist but blew the door open over questions of ethics, lies, and if the measures used by this journalist qualified as journalism or manipulation. 

How Investigative Journalist Ronan Farrow Exposed a Horrific Box of Secrets

“I was able to tell this story because people were brave as hell. And they are still being brave as hell and refusing to shut up.” – Ronan Farrow, author of Catch and Kill, speaking on an October 2019 episode of “ABC News Nightline”.
VERO BEACH, Fla. – Ronan Farrow is a ubiquitous presence on the media circuit. With a new bestselling book and publicity tour, numerous TV interviews, and a publicly heated exchange with network bigs at NBC News, Farrow is once again front and center of the #MeToo movement.