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Photo Edited by Lilian Manansala Race track photo by Suwatwongkham [iStock Getty Images] and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion during 2020 general elections [Lilian Manansala]

January 2, 2021

Choosing Process over Policy: The Unavoidability of Horserace Journalism

Horserace journalism dominates election coverage — is that an ethical problem that the media should solve or a natural news and political phenomenon?

Razor wire fence surrounding a prison

December 21, 2020

Commentary: Undercover Reporting Brings Accountability to Private Prisons

Shane Bauer’s immersive investigation into the Corrections Corporation of America, a 35,000-word behemoth published in June 2016, is a testament to the power and the necessity of undercover reporting.

November 11, 2020

Video Commentary: When Journalists Becoming Unwitting Tools of Russian Interference

The Internet Research Agency (IRA) has infiltrated American social media in order to sow mistrust, widen divisions, and interfere in the 2016 presidential elections. Lilian Manansala discusses the ethical dilemma of journalists not checking sources only to find out later they utilized posts tweeted by Russian bots. 

November 5, 2020

Commentary: Calling Fox News Into Question on Their Practice of Journalism

Fox News is called into question on if they practice journalism. They believe that they do because they follow most of the 4 core principles.

November 4, 2020

Podcast: ‘Writer’s Bloc’ on the Rights of a Private Citizen with AIDS

If a community fears a threat like AIDS, does that justify putting someone who has contracted it in the public eye? In this episode of Writer's Bloc, Lilian Manansala and Corina Garcia discuss whether Lithuanian paper Lietuvos Rytas, violated the rights of private citizen Laimutis Armoniene when they published that he had HIV. Was the public’s right to know paramount over his right to privacy?