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October 13, 2021

Minute with Mads: a Case for Aggregation

Madison Heap, of the now-defunct Minute with Mads (MWM)  Instagram account, was relatively early to the game of social news […]

August 18, 2021

Breaking Habits: Why Limiting Social Media Can be Good for Us

(NEW YORK) – How long have you been on your phone today? Did you wake up to read your texts […]

November 11, 2020

Video Commentary: When Journalists Becoming Unwitting Tools of Russian Interference

The Internet Research Agency (IRA) has infiltrated American social media in order to sow mistrust, widen divisions, and interfere in the 2016 presidential elections. Lilian Manansala discusses the ethical dilemma of journalists not checking sources only to find out later they utilized posts tweeted by Russian bots. 

November 3, 2020

TikTok Is Serving as a Political Hotspot for Young People

TikTok's influence does not stop at dance videos or comedy sketches. The app now serves as a political playground for its young users.

October 14, 2020

Podcast: ‘Countervail’ on Reporters and Personal Social Media Accounts

Do public figures lose all rights of privacy to scrutiny by the public? In this episode of Countervail, Dawn Heinbach and Lilian Manansala discuss the suspension of Felicia Sonmez when she re-tweeted a story about the sexual allegation against Kobe Bryant. Because she re-tweeted the piece shortly after Bryant's death, the reporter was not only harassed and threatened online but suspended by the Washington Post. Where is the line between a reporter's personal rights on their social media accounts vs the publisher's right to control how their news staff represents the company?