Lilian Manansala (Page 4)

Los Angeles, CA

Lilian is the Social Media Editor and a staff reporter for The Click. She is currently a Video Production Fellow at Insider for the News & Documentary Team. She was also one of 30 participants selected out of 500 applications for the first cohort of the Vox Media Writer’s Workshop for Summer 2021.

She is a Los Angeles-based video journalist and writer reporting on the intersections of politics, sociology, gender, equality, and human rights. She graduated from University of California, Los Angeles, with a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures.

October 26, 2020

Podcast: ‘Fourth Estate’ On The Ethics Of A Pen Name

The ethics of investigative Journalist Claudio Gatti in revealing the identity of famed Italian author Elena Ferrante.

Anas at 2018 UNESCO World Press Freedom Day in Accra, Ghana [Photo credit: CPJ/Jonathan Rozen]

October 21, 2020

‘Name, Shame, and Jail:’ The signature of the most renowned journalist in Africa

No one has seen his face, but Anas Aremeyaw Anas' investigative reporting on corruption has made him a legendary journalist and a lauded hero in his country Ghana.

Barbara Bradley Hagerty in front of her cover for The Atlantic.

October 19, 2020

Barbara Bradley Hagerty on How She Found the Story That Landed Her on the Cover of The Atlantic

A Q&A with journalist Barbara Bradley Hagerty on her article "Epidemic of Disbelief" for the The Atlantic.

October 14, 2020

Podcast: ‘Countervail’ on Reporters and Personal Social Media Accounts

Do public figures lose all rights of privacy to scrutiny by the public? In this episode of Countervail, Dawn Heinbach and Lilian Manansala discuss the suspension of Felicia Sonmez when she re-tweeted a story about the sexual allegation against Kobe Bryant. Because she re-tweeted the piece shortly after Bryant's death, the reporter was not only harassed and threatened online but suspended by the Washington Post. Where is the line between a reporter's personal rights on their social media accounts vs the publisher's right to control how their news staff represents the company?

A collage of images around the Silver Lake Reservoir depicting Black Lives Matter installation, sign, empty parks, RBG mural, etc.

October 8, 2020

Same Street, Different World

The Say Their Names: Silver Lake Memorial and how a popular neighborhood spot in Los Angeles is changed after COVID-19.