Election 2022

A voter submitting their ballot.

November 20, 2022

Clean Elections USA Accused of Voter Intimidation

According to the suit filed last month, the founder of Clean Elections USA, allegedly had supporters gather at ballot boxes in Maricopa County, Arizona, with the intent to deter voters from submitting their absentee ballots.

Vote Yes for Worker's Rights yard sign

November 18, 2022

Illinois Approves Collective Bargaining Measure

Illinois voters approved constitutional Amendment 1, codifying the right to collective bargaining and prohibiting right-to-work laws in the state constitution, with more than 50 percent of voters in favor, according to The Associated Press. Known informally as the Worker’s Rights Amendment (WRA), the measure guarantees Illinois laborers the right to organize themselves, negotiate contracts, and advocate for desired wages and benefits. It further codifies the right to collective bargaining and prohibits right-to-work laws in the state constitution.

November 18, 2022

Karen Bass Wins LA Mayoral Race, Vows to Focus on Homelessness

(LOS ANGELES)  — Democratic Rep. Karen Bass has beat real estate developer Rick Caruso and is posed to become the […]

November 15, 2022

Rick Caruso Let’s the Money Speak for Itself

In Los Angeles, all eyes are on Rick Caruso, who is running for Los Angeles mayor and states he’s always been pro-choice, but his financial statements show otherwise. 

Guns being sold in Bend, Oregon

November 13, 2022

Oregon Passes Controversial Gun Control Measure

(BEND, Ore.) – A controversial gun control measure on the ballot for the 2022 midterm elections in Oregon has narrowly […]